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  • 1000mg Citrus Hemp Tincture (30ml)
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  • 1000mg Natural Hemp Tincture (30ml)
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  • 1000mg Mint Hemp Tincture
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  • mint-chocolate-oil-1000mg-hemp
    1000mg Mint Chocolate Hemp Tincture
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1000 mg Hemp: Organic Quality for Body/Mind Wellness

A high-quality Hemp (1000mg) product is comprised of many things other than Hemp extract. Here at Premium Jane, we understand what goes into formulating a truly high-quality oil, and we are dedicated to delivering the finest hemp-sourced selections.

This is why we employ solventless extraction techniques in an effort to utilize not only the 1000mg Hemp content, but also a full range of beneficial hemp compounds. This includes compounds like non-psychoactive phyto-elements, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

Some research suggests that balanced activity in the body is optimized when a “full-spectrum” of plant compounds are available rather than a single isolated compound. In other words (and for reasons largely unbeknownst to researchers), Hemp activity seems to be more efficient in the presence of other hemp-extracted compounds. We understand this here at Premium Jane, which is why we are dedicated to offering the finest-grade 1000 mg Hemp product on the market.

What Makes Premium Jane Products Unique?

Quality is the ever-present goal here at Premium Jane. We love what we do, and we are proud to make each and every one of our Hemp oils right here. The Hemp market is growing, but we continuously strive to ensure our products are made with the same American quality and care that we’ve prioritized since day one.

In other words, when you invest in a Premium Jane product you’re investing in more than just “another” Hemp oil. We have spent countless amounts of time selecting only the finest hemp farms, and we have the utmost confidence that the farmers we work with are some of the most experienced and knowledgable in the country. When it comes to truly high-quality Hemp oils, Premium Jane is your best bet, hands down.


1000mg Hemp: Pure Hemp Extract

Many brands out there claim to offer a 1000mg Hemp product that’s full of beneficial phytocannabinoid compounds. However, at Premium Jane we back up our claims with some of the most comprehensive lab testing on the market. Feel free to check out our reports here on the site, or if you’d like more detailed information, please get in touch with us directly.

Some Hemp oils and other types of Hemp products are extracted using chemical solvents like butane and hexane. While these chemicals can certainly be effective in terms of extracting the Hemp (1000mg or otherwise), they can leave much to be desired in terms of the purity and quality of the end product. Many rounds of filtering and purifying must be undertaken, but in some instances, these steps are skipped in order to cut corners.

Not at Premium Jane. As we’ve said, we employ solventless Hexane extraction techniques for our 1000 mg Hemp, as well as the entire range of other Hemp products we sell. With Premium Jane, you’re investing in the highest quality tinctures on the market, there’s no doubt about it.

Where Are Our Tinctures Sourced From?

Premium Jane products are made using organic hemp. While some manufacturers opt to use low-grade imported Asian hemp (which has to be shipped halfway around the world from places like India and China), we spare no expense in ensuring the finest-quality plants are used to make our products.

1000 mg Hemp Effects: What You Need to Know

Understanding and appreciating the 1000 mg Hemp effects from a high-quality Premium Jane product involves having a basic understanding of the human EC system, otherwise known as the ECS.

In all humans, and in fact all mammals, there exists a massive network of cellular receptors. These receptors have been found in many internal systems in our bodies, and are known to work alongside chemical compounds already present in the body. When these organic chemical compounds “interact” or attach themselves to an EC receptor, the cell system (i.e. organ, tissue, etc) becomes activated to carry out a response.

Among other things, the ECS is known to help regulate internal homeostasis, as well as a myriad of processes relating to processes that affect our well-being. This is precisely why a bottle of Hemp 1000 mg can have the potential to produce such a range of benefits and health advantages.

Of course, no matter what the milligram amount of Hemp (1000mg or otherwise) is that you’re using, the same general interactions with the ECS will occur. Everyone’s ECS is unique, however, and thus we will all experience the effects of Hemp in a unique manner. This is why it’s so important to take the time to listen to your body when using Hemp – especially for the first time. If you take it once or twice and don’t feel anything, don’t give up. Be consistent in the times (and the mg amount) that you take your Hemp, and pay attention to how your body responds. Often times, the effects of 1,000mg Hemp can be subtle. Be patient, be consistent, and most of all, be patient with the quality of Premium Jane products.

Why Use Organic Hemp Extract?

The quality and effectiveness of a good Hemp product is generally always determined by the purity and quality of the plant that it is derived from. This is why at Premium Jane, we use only organic, domestically-grown.

While other parts of the world offer very little in terms of organic agriculture restrictions, the boasts some of the most rigid guidelines possible. In other words, you can’t grow organic hemp for commercial purposes without it being subject to a litany of quality assurance protocols. Simply put, Premium Jane Hemp products are pure, safe, organic, and effective.