Reasons to Start Using Hemp Oil for Skin Care

Jeff Yauck | August 30, 2021

More than ever, beauty and wellness brands are stocking their shelves full of hemp-based skin care products. This isn’t surprising considering the varied claims about hemp’s benefits, including its power to hydrate and reduce redness.

From hemp moisturisers to scrubs, the compound has been given the seal of approval by many dermatologists and customers alike. But what benefit does hemp seed oil for skin care really have?

In this article, we’ll discuss what hemp is, why it’s become a popular ingredient in topicals, and how to spot high-quality products.

Hemp Oil for Skin

Curating the perfect skin care routine can be a challenge. Not only do you have to consider what skin type you have (e.g., dry, oily, or combination), but also what ingredients are appropriate for that type.

What makes it even more confusing is the sheer number of products on the market. Over the last few years, we’ve seen every trend possible, from painful charcoal peel masks to BHA exfoliators.

Many of these products have lost their relevance, and they’ve instead become nostalgic gimmicks. Is hemp destined for the same road? It doesn’t seem like it.

In fact, hemp oil skin ranges have only seemed to grow in popularity over the last few years. While the classic facial hemp oils are still standing, innovative new products like hemp facial scrubs are squeezing into the forefront.

So, what can you expect from hemp topicals?

How Does Hemp Oil Benefit Your Skin?

The most common skin complaints often include dryness and redness. Additionally, it has become important to protect our skin from environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution.

Sometimes it’s possible to achieve great skin through diet, but not always. That’s where hemp comes in.

Hemp extract is a natural ingredient that is sourced from industrial hemp plants. These crops have been used for thousands of years for many different reasons, including cloth fibres and nutritious food.

However, many believe it can also be an essential compound for skin health when its phytochemicals are isolated and crafted into an extract.

One of its most talked-about benefits is how it can revitalise tired and lacklustre skin. By hydrating multiple layers of the skin’s surface, it may improve visual appearance and comfort. It may also reduce redness, help restore elasticity, and encourage a youthful complexion. How does it do this?

Well, the compound is a rich source of:

  • Healthy fatty acids
  • Essential amino acids
  • Vitamins (high amounts of vitamin E)
  • Minerals (such as potassium, sodium, magnesium)

Important compounds like vitamin E have become synonymous with excellent skin care products. Many consider it a powerful antioxidant that not only nurtures healthy skin but protects and repairs it too.

These are just a few reasons why skin care enthusiasts have begun to use hemp seed oil for dry skin and other issues.

Hemp Seed Oil for Skin: Before and After

While it’s likely that hemp is good for the skin, products should contain additional ingredients to suit its overall purpose.

For instance, if you’re buying an anti-aging moisturiser, it needs to be full of rejuvenating and hydrating ingredients. And if you are purchasing a cleanser, you want a product that will gently remove dead skin cells and other dirt remnants from the day.

Hemp seed oil for skin care should work in collaboration with other safe and effective compounds.

A good example of this is Premium Jane’s facial night cream (300mg). Our formula combines premium hemp extract with retinol, caviar oil, and collagen. This results in a rich nighttime cream that refreshes and repairs the skin while you sleep.

Ingredients like collagen are believed to strengthen the skin; this helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and encourages skin elasticity.

But there are other ways to determine good quality products; find out how below.

How to Use It

Ultimately, every skin care product is going to be used in a slightly different way. That’s why hemp seed oil uses on the skin can encompass a wide variety of effects.

Topical Use of Hemp Oil

Topical hemp oil products can come in a variety of forms and options, suitable for different times of the day. As mentioned above, some of our creams contain heavily hydrating ingredients like retinol that need time to soak into the skin layers. Because of this, they are best used in the evening.

In contrast, Premium Jane’s daytime cream has a lighter consistency and texture. This ensures that it can be used before applying makeup and that it doesn’t create a shiny or sweaty appearance.

As well as product type, customers should also consider where they are buying their products from. Well-reputed brands will always be transparent and look professional. Other things to keep an eye out for are:

  • Lab reports from third-parties
  • Reasonable prices
  • Full ingredient lists
  • Positive BBB or Trustpilot ratings

Luckily there are plenty of high-quality skin care brands on the market; just remember to use our guidelines above to increase your chances of finding them!

Oral Use of Hemp Oil

Oral uses for hemp oil differ from topical, as oral hemp products are specifically designed to be ingested. Topical hemp products, on the other hand, should not be ingested. Generally, and vice versa, oral hemp products are not designed for topical (on the skin) use.

Side Effects of Using Hemp Seed Oil for the Skin

As with any ingredient, some individuals may have an adverse reaction to hemp seed oil. For this reason, it’s important to monitor how you respond and consult with your doctor, dermatologist, or medical professional if you are unsure if using hemp seed oil on your skin will be fine for you.

Summary on Hemp Seed Oil for Skin Care

Because of the sheer number of products on the market today, designing a skin care routine that includes hemp in almost every product is now possible.

While this may be overkill, it is helpful to know that it’s not only convenient to add hemp into your routine, but affordable too.

All in all, using a skin care product with hemp extract may not only hydrate the skin but re-energise its appearance. However, it’s essential to check for additional ingredients in a product and buy from a trusted brand.

If you are considering hemp oil for skin, remember that everybody’s skin is unique and may react differently to the same product. We always recommend visiting a licensed dermatologist for those with particularly sensitive skin before trying a new product.