Some Hemp Products Work, And Some Don’t – Here’s Why

Jeff Yauck | September 19, 2022

tThe hemp market in Australia is really starting to take off. More and more people are becoming aware of just how valuable the hemp plant is and how it can benefit overall health and wellbeing.

However, there is a big discrepancy between people who claim hemp does wonders for them and those who are less than impressed by the plant. One of the biggest reasons for this difference in opinions comes down to product quality. For optimal results, purchasing high-quality hemp products from reputable brands is important.

There are also several other reasons hemp products may work for some and not others. We explore these factors below.

How Quality Impacts the Effectiveness of Hemp Products

The golden rule of the hemp industry is that not all products are created equal. As hemp grows in popularity, more and more companies are popping up and trying to cash in on the trend.

Unfortunately, many retailers don’t hold themselves to the high standards expected in the wellness industry. From inferior equipment to cutting corners in the manufacturing process, the main goal of these companies is often to make a profit – not to supply customers with premium-quality hemp.

At Premium Jane, quality is our number one priority. We understand that if our hemp products don’t meet high-quality standards, our customers won’t get the results they deserve.

Here are three tips for finding high-quality products:

  • Check Lab Reports: Independent lab tests verify a product’s purity and potency. Most importantly, check the product’s contents and that it’s free of harmful substances like heavy metals and pesticides. Premium Jane’s products are tested regularly by an independent laboratory. You can view the lab report for each product under the relevant product description.
  • Examine Ingredients List: Some poor-quality hemp products may contain unnecessary fillers. Typically, the fewer ingredients the better – the key ingredient is the hemp extract. Check that the hemp is organic and non-GMO and that the product contains all-natural ingredients.
  • Choose a Well-Established Brand: Be sure to buy hemp products from trustworthy and reputable sources. Premium Jane oversees the manufacturing process from “seed to shelf” to ensure raw materials meet high-quality standards and state-of-the-art equipment is used at every stage.

Poor quality hemp products are often ineffective and potentially unsafe – some may contain harmful additives. Considering the above tips ensures a high-quality product that is more likely to deliver the desired effects.

Other Reasons Hemp Products Work for Some and Not Others

Product quality is not the only reason hemp products may not be working for you. Below, we address some of the other factors that could impact the effectiveness of hemp.

Hemp Needs Time to Build Up in Your System

Typically, hemp products have a subtle effect that is not immediately noticeable. It takes many people weeks or even months to experience any significant difference.

Sure, some effects, such as a sense of calm, may be experienced more rapidly than others. But generally, hemp extract needs some time to build up in your system to take full effect.

Everyday consistency is key with hemp products. Think of hemp like other dietary supplements such as vitamin C. You wouldn’t take vitamin C and expect it to help your cold immediately. Instead, you would use it regularly to strengthen your immune system.

Similarly, exploring the long-term effects of hemp requires consistency and a certain level of commitment. But with that in mind, if you don’t start seeing results within a few months, it’s perhaps time to move on and try a different product.

You’re Not Using the Correct Dosage

Since everyone has unique body chemistry and responds differently to hemp, there is no ideal dose for everyone. You’ll have to figure out for yourself how much to take.

A general rule of thumb is to start with a low dose and increase it gradually over the next few weeks. Some users keep a journal tracking their results to determine their ideal dosage. The idea is to slowly increase your dose over time until you achieve the desired results.

You Need a Different Delivery System

There is a huge variety of hemp products available, and you may not be using the right one. If you browse our online store, you will find everything from CBD oils to gummies to topicals.

Certain hemp products are better suited for different purposes. For instance, while oils and gummies are oral delivery methods and work internally, hemp topicals are applied externally and provide targeted relief.

Typically, hemp topicals are great for relieving bodily discomfort and tension and nourishing the skin, among other external uses. Oral delivery methods are more suitable for managing internal issues like stress, challenges with sleep, and overall wellness.

Ultimately, your most suited delivery method may vary depending on your needs and what type of relief you’re looking for.

Summary: Why Hemp Products Don’t Work for Everyone

Many hemp users report trying several different products before finding one suitable to their wellness goals. First and foremost, buy hemp products from well-established and reputable brands to ensure you’re spending your money on high-quality products.

Premium Jane’s customers often rate our collection of expertly crafted hemp formulas as number one, thanks to our dedication to quality. Be sure to shop our full collection here and find a delivery method that suits your needs.

Remember, hemp extract needs time to build up in your system to deliver optimal results. So don’t give up if you’ve tried hemp only a couple of times and feel it hasn’t worked for you. Sometimes, you may need to alter your dosage or try a different delivery method. Hemp requires some experimentation to find the perfect solution.