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1200mg Hemp Capsules (40mg hemp per capsule)

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  • Made from organically and sustainably farmed Hemp grown in Kentucky, USA
  • Full of hemp that has been genetically screened over generations to ensure maximum levels of hemp and other beneficial phytonutrients
  • 100% organic and lab-verified to be non-intoxicating
  • Verified and analysed by impartial third-party laboratories
  • Free from pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers and other solvents
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Product Snapshot
size / volume
30 servings per container
total hemp
40mg of Hemp per serving
Product Facts
Recommended Use
Take 1-2 capsules daily on an empty stomach
Purified water, gelatin, glycerin, hemp seed oil, hemp oil extract
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Constantly on the move? Chock-full schedule? Our 1200mg Hemp Capsules for sale are for you. Our 100% organic full-spectrum hemp blend is conveniently packaged in soft gel capsules so you can get your daily burst of healthy phytonutrients whenever it suits you – just swallow the capsule hole like any other pill or vitamin and let it work its magic. Each capsule has the same dosage of our best-selling 1000mg Tinctures –  1 serve contains 40mg of Hemp.

*These capsules are NOT formulated to treat or diagnose any existing medical condition. None of the above statements have been monitored or approved by the FDA. Capsule colour may vary slightly from batch to batch.*

Contains: Purified Water, Gelatin, Glycerin, Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract

What’s So Good About Hemp Capsules 40mg Anyway?

The Premium Jane community loves our 40 mg Hemp Capsules with 1200mg per container for a myriad of reasons. Some have taste or dietary requirements, some report this method of consumption yields greater results and some just prefer the ease of which they can incorporate the capsules into their routine. With tinctures, you must place the oil under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds to aid absorption – this can be problematic for people who do not like the all-natural or citrus flavours of our Hemp tincture blends.

Instead, with our Premium Jane Hemp Capsules, you can swallow and go! Hemp gel capsules with 40mg per serve contain a high hemp content, so in a second you can get your daily serving and keep moving towards the goals of the day.

Hemp Capsules 40mg for Sale: Why Choose Them?

If you are thinking to buy 40mg hemp capsules from Premium Jane, be assured that each product has been crafted with care by our dedicated team of experts using only the purest hemp content. Our dedication to our mission of providing the highest quality broad spectrum hemp capsules at 40mg and other hemp products, has made us a household name in the USA when it comes to this space. We have been able to do so by making sure our products meet the highest benchmarks.

If you would like to learn more about the potency of our products and how to find the right dosage for you, visit our FAQ page or get in touch with us directly via our contact form.

What’s the Difference Between Premium Jane Hemp Soft Gels 40 mg and Hemp Tinctures?

When deciding between our Premium Jane hemp oil capsules at 40mg or alternative tinctures, it is important to remember how they are broken down in the body. Although both products have been widely received by all kinds of people who love the health benefits they provide, everybody is different. Hemp Tinctures being sublingually taken, absorb directly into your bloodstream and provide powerful and sometimes instant effects. Hemp capsules are absorbed into your body via your digestive system – this means there are more factors affecting the Hemp content you are ingesting. Things such as diet, metabolic rate and an individuals gut biome can all impact the efficiency of Hemp capsules.

That being said, many members of our community prefer our 1200mg Hemp capsules (sometimes referred to as “hemp pills” at 40mg per serve) and have reported them being more effective than tinctures in their personal health and wellness journey. To help your body get the most out of the health-promoting properties we have added a natural blend to the capsules which aid in gut absorption of your phytonutrients.


Hemp Capsules – 750mg [25mg Hemp per Capsule]


Will Premium Jane Hemp Capsules help anxiety and sleep problems?

Have a look through the hundreds of our consumer reviews discussing improved sleep patterns, higher-quality sleep, reduced levels of stress caused by everyday life, and increased levels of focus and calm when our community has used Hemp gel capsules. We must clarify that our products must not be used exclusively as a medication or as a cure to illnesses and conditions. As more clinical trials look into the use case for Hemp tinctures within these spaces we will be the first to notify you!

What is MCT oil and why is it in the Hemp Capsule blend?

We use naturally occurring medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) extracted from coconut oil to aid your body during the digestion process of the Hemp content. Because MCT oil is very high in healthy fats, and Hemp is fat-soluble, the MCT acts as a vehicle that the phytonutrients can attach to in order to be used more efficiently.

What are the benefits of taking Hemp capsules?

Our community loves the ease of use and dosage of our 25mg full-spectrum Hemp capsules. Conveniently take one capsule a day and allow the healthy phytonutrients to do what they do best – strive to improve your health and wellbeing.

Do hemp oil Hemp capsules get you high?

No. Our capsules are made using full spectrum hemp extract, and may contain trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), but they will NEVER get you high.

I know there are lots of ways to get the benefit of Hemp. Why should I try these Hemp capsules?

Two words: easy dosing. Each capsule is pre-measured to contain 25mg of our full spectrum hemp extract formula, meaning you don’t have to awkwardly measure out and count drops below the tongue to know how much Hemp you’re getting.

I can’t wait to start using them! When can I expect my shipping?

That’s great to hear! We love when new customers discover the possibilities of Hemp supplements. We usually ship the same day of your order, so typically you can expect your Hemp Capsules within 7 business days!

What makes Premium Jane Hemp Capsules more potent than other capsules out there?

Each hemp plant is unique and will therefore vary in levels of Hemp potency. The majority of Hemp Tincture manufacturers use recreational Hemp strains that contain virtually zero naturally-occurring Hemp content. Here at Premium Jane, our teams genetically select Hemp plant strains that have reliable Hemp content. Only the plants with the richest-hemp levels will be utilised in our tinctures. This is verified by third-party laboratories who test every batch of our Hemp Tinctures.



Like a proud parent watching their child venture off into the world, we believe in the quality of every product of Hemp goodness that leaves our distribution centre. Sometimes though, mistakes happen and opinions differ. Such is life. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Premium Jane product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to receive a refund or another product of equal value.

Is there a time limit on returns?

Yes. Please note that in order for a return request to be considered by our team all requests must be submitted within 30 days of the purchase date, after which sales are considered final and non-refundable.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Yes. Due to the nature of our shipping policies, the customer must cover shipping costs and refunds will only be redistributed once we have received the returned Premium Jane product.

How do I return my Premium Jane product?

You will receive instructions on how to properly package, address and ship your product via email when you contact us to request a refund. All items must be shipped according to our instructions to be eligible for a refund.

What if I have already opened the product?

If the labelling is still intact and the item has not been destroyed, damaged intentionally, or otherwise tampered with, you may still request a refund or an exchange for an opened product.


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Miranda Robinson
Rating :

I prefer capsules because they don’t make a mess. I almost always spill oil in my bag and it’s just not very pleasant to experience. This is much more convenient.

Joe Kelly
Rating :

These hemp oil capsules are officially my most favourite post-workout supplement along with my aminos and protein shake. It just gives me that much needed extra boost after spending time in the gym.