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We take pleasure in being the industry-leading provider of quality hemp products. We know climbing to the top of this competitive industry was not our primary goal, but merely a by-product of producing great products year in and year out. Our hemp products and our customers always come first and everything else just falls into its rightful place. Read more Read less

Hemp Products For Sale

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  • Premium Jane Gummies
    750mg Premium Jane Hemp Gummies – 25mg – 30 serves
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  • сapsules-hemp
    1200mg Hemp Capsules – Premium Jane – 40 mg per Serving – 30 serves
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  • Citrus Oil 1000mg
    1000mg Hemp Tincture (Citrus) – 30ml / 40 serves | Premium Jane
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  • Citrus Oil 300mg
    300mg Hemp Tincture (Citrus) Premium Jane – 30ml / 40 serves
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  • Citrus Oil 600mg
    600mg Hemp Tincture (Citrus) – 30ml / 40 serves | Premium Jane
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  • Natural Oil 1000mg
    1000mg Hemp Tincture (Natural) – 30ml / 40 serves | Premium Jane
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  • Premium Jane Hemp Eucalyptus
    750mg Premium Jane Hemp Topical Salve (Eucalyptus) – 50g
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  • Premium Jane Topical Cocoa Butter
    1500mg Premium Jane Hemp Topical Salve (Cocoa Butter) – 50g
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  • Natural Oil 300mg
    300 mg Hemp Tincture (Natural Flavour) – 30ml / 40 serves | Premium Jane
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  • premium jane Natural Oil 600mg
    Premium Jane 600 mg Hemp Tincture (Natural) – 30ml / 40 serves
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Why Should I Buy Hemp Products with Premium Jane?

When you buy with Premium Jane you are getting more than just the finest organic hemp products; you are joining a supportive international community that values the importance of this wonderful plant and of each other. Striving to improve your health and wellbeing is a great habit to have – when one rises we all rise.

When you are browsing our hemp products for sale, have consumer confidence that you will get the most bang for your buck when purchasing from Premium Jane. With products that range from 7.5mg to 25mg of hemp content per serve, and from tangy citrus flavours to earthy undertones, there is truly something for everyone when you buy hemp products online with Premium Jane. In addition to flavour and mg variations, we also offer a variety of selections including topicals, edibles, capsules, gummies, tinctures, and more.

Browse the thousands of satisfied customer reviews before investing in our products and be calm with the knowledge that our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee – just return your product within 30 days of the sale and you will get a refund or credit to the store of equal value. You can see our shipping and returns policy here.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Products Near Me?

It has been a struggle for Aussies to get their hands on high-quality hemp products that are what they actually say they are. Now, with just a click of a button, Premium Jane is shipping our best-selling hemp products right to your door.

Instead of asking Siri to search for hemp oil products near me, tell that little handsome devil to take you to the Premium Jane homepage – it’s where you will find excellent hemp products made to a high organic industry standard. We doubt you’ll be disappointed by the premium quality of our products and might only wish you found us sooner. Next time one of your mates is running around like a headless chook asking “where can I buy hemp products?” you will be able to tell them all about the incredible and hemp-rich citrus tincture you use, or the eucalyptus topical salve that has made your skin glow. When they ask where you got them from, tell them Premium Jane will get it sorted. When they check out the vast array of lab-verified, organic and reputable hemp products we have on offer, they will be sure to thank you.

The Current State of Hemp Products in Australia

Premium Jane is on a mission. We want everyone to have access to hemp products. At the moment, hemp health products in Australia are limited to hemp seed oils, hemp creams and ointments, and hemp powders that are not rich in the phytonutrients and compounds that come with broad-spectrum hemp oils. Unfortunately, many have been marketed as products that are high in these beneficial materials and have gone on unregulated for too long.

Premium Jane is here to change that. Now shipping our hemp health products to Australian homes and stores, we aim to put only the highest quality products full of rich hemp content into the hands of our Australian community.

It must be understood that Premium Jane does support the sale of these products as they still have awesome nutritional value, but we want to help clear up the confusion between products that falsely claim to be broad-spectrum and those that actually are.

Are Hemp Products Legal in Australia?

Hemp products in Australia have had a long and decorated journey to get to where they are today. Despite years of in-depth research showing the vast benefits of the hemp plant across a vast number of industries, Australia has continued to have a tough stance on the use of the plant. Unfortunately, propaganda in the 1920s and 30s set Australia back and made governments condemn the growing of the hemp plant.

Luckily, the tide has begun to change, and since 2000 non-intoxicating hemp plants are now being distinguished from related species that could get you high. The information spread by those campaigns to exaggerate the dangers of hemp extracts is still being unlearned today, however. This leads many to think, “hang on, are hemp products legal?’’

Yes and no. Products containing full-spectrum hemp oils are still illegal in Australia and many of its surrounding neighbours.

To overcome this problem and to stay true to our mission, Premium Jane has developed a broad-spectrum hemp oil which is verified to be 100% non-intoxicating. This means we can now open our doors to our Australian and New Zealand customers and offer these wonderful supportive hemp products legally.

Premium Jane is proud to be opening up our online store to this Great Southern Land and all of your beautiful neighbours. Shop with confidence when you buy hemp products in Australia from Premium Jane.