1000mg Hemp Oil

For many users, 1000mg is considered a mid-high strength option. Here at Premium Jane Australia, this is currently the strongest option we sell; it provides the perfect amount for experienced users who use hemp extract daily. If you are seeking a potent hemp oil with exceptional quality from a brand you can trust, look no further. Browse our options below or scroll down to learn more about our 1000mg hemp oils.
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1000 mg Hemp Oils for Sale

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  • 1000mg Citrus Hemp Tincture (30ml)
    Rated 4.86 out of 5
    7 reviews
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  • 1000mg Natural Hemp Tincture (30ml)
    Rated 4.71 out of 5
    7 reviews
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  • 1000mg Mint Hemp Tincture
    Rated 4.67 out of 5
    6 reviews
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  • mint-chocolate-oil-1000mg-hemp
    1000mg Mint Chocolate Hemp Tincture
    Rated 4.88 out of 5
    8 reviews
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Premium Jane's 1000mg Hemp Oil: What Sets It Apart?

The team here at Premium Jane has years of experience in the hemp industry. We apply our expertise to craft the best hemp products possible, putting our all into customer satisfaction.

The 1000mg hemp oil is no exception. It all starts with the top-shelf hemp strains that our farmers cultivate on generational farms. We believe that natural is best, so we stick to organic methods that don’t use chemical growth enhancers, GMO crops, or herbicides and pesticides. The result is a clean crop that’s perfect for the job at hand.

Our professional team then extracts the phyto-elements using supercritical CO2 extraction, regarded as one of the safest and most effective methods. We even recycle the CO2 to make our process as sustainable as possible.

The resulting hemp extract is infused into our hemp oil 1000mg products. Batch testing ensures that every item contains the correct amount of hemp, and it verifies the absence of toxins and heavy metals.

In short, it is our knowledgeable team, high-quality ingredients, and attention to detail that set Premium Jane apart. We also believe firmly in transparency, which is why you can view our lab reports before you buy.

Hemp Oil 1000mg: Is It the Right Strength?

In our experience, 1000mg hemp oil is a great fit for a large variety of users. Those who have used hemp before but are seeking something a little stronger, or those using hemp for specific purposes, may find that this strength is most appropriate for them.

This strength contains approximately 25mg per serving (half a dropper). It appears to be the ideal amount for experienced users using the product daily.

However, if you prefer a less-potent option, then feel free to explore our other options.

Benefits of 1000mg Hemp Oil

It’s tricky to define the precise benefits of hemp oil, as everyone may react differently. Feedback from our users suggests that, when taken daily, hemp oil can contribute to a healthy routine and promote feelings of overall wellness.

Our customers and many other hemp oil users say that they feel clear-headed, focused, and healthy after using hemp products.

Hemp oil 1000mg, in particular, may provide more noticeable effects because it is stronger than other options. That said, the results of hemp oil tend to be subtle, which can make them difficult to notice.

Furthermore, results may vary a lot between users. Therefore, the benefits for one person may differ from the benefits for another. The only way to see the benefits is to try a hemp oil for yourself.

Choosing a Hemp Oil 1000mg Flavor

We understand that the raw taste of hemp is not for everyone. We offer a natural flavour that’s as close to the authentic plant as can be, but for those who prefer a sweeter option, we have other varieties.

Our 1000mg hemp oil is available in Citrus, Mint, and Mint Chocolate flavours. No matter which one of our mouthwatering options you choose, you can rest assured that we only use natural flavouring agents.

This helps us stick to our all-natural ethos while providing our customers with great tastes that make hemp something to look forward to.

1000 mg Hemp Oils FAQs

Do You Sell Other Strengths?

Yes! We know that everyone has a varying tolerance for hemp and that finding the perfect strength is important. 1000mg is currently our highest strength, while our other options include 300mg and 600mg.

How Do I Know How Much Hemp Is Right for Me?

Finding the perfect strength often requires a little trial and error. Start with a low strength and take the recommended ½ dropper per day. It’s recommended to keep a log of how much you took and whether you noticed any changes; if you see nothing for one week, increase the amount slightly. Follow this process weekly until you achieve your ideal dosage.

Does Premium Jane Do Lab Tests?

Yes, we believe transparency is crucial. The lab tests, conducted by a third party laboratory, can be viewed on our website before purchasing.

Can I Use Hemp Oil if I Have Dietary Restrictions?

Premium Jane tries to avoid allergens and restrictive ingredients where possible. All our hemp oils are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and soy-free. We use an MCT carrier oil derived from coconuts, so those allergic to tree nuts should exercise caution.

Why Should I Choose Hemp Oil Drops Over Other Products?

Every user is different, which is why having a range of product types is something we provide. Some users may prefer capsules, which are tasteless, or edibles, which are easy to slot into a routine. We also sell topicals and other innovative options.

Hemp oil remains a popular option at the forefront of the market because it is versatile; you can take it orally or add it to foods and drinks, and it’s very straightforward to adjust the dose. It also comes in a wider variety of strengths and flavors. If you’re just starting out with hemp, oils are a fantastic place to begin, but you may also wish to browse the rest of our high-quality range.