300mg Hemp Oil

Premium Jane’s 300 mg hemp oil is our lowest strength formula and is available in four flavor varieties: Natural, Citrus, Mint, and Chocolate. It’s crafted with the finest-quality, USA-grown hemp and is packed with plant-powered goodness. The 300mg hemp oil offers a milligram level that is perfect for many, as it provides a milder serving size than our other, more potent options. This makes it an especially good choice for newbies.
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300 mg Hemp Oils for Sale

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    300mg Chocolate Mint Hemp Tincture (30ml)
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    300mg Citrus Hemp Tincture (30ml)
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Why Buy the 300mg Hemp Oil?

Here at Premium Jane, quality trumps quantity every single time. We don’t cut any corners during the manufacturing process and use limited, select ingredients to craft these oils. The key ingredients of our hemp oil (300mg) formula include hemp extract, MCT oil, and terpenes from the hemp plant. Natural flavor extracts are infused into our flavored varieties to enhance the overall taste.

The best hemp oils on the market are those that are made using clean ingredients. At Premium Jane, we strive to keep all our oils as natural as possible and do our utmost to avoid artificial ingredients. Additionally, our hemp is sourced from quality-assured farms in the U.S., and we keep a close eye on the manufacturing process to ensure it meets high standards.

Our hemp oils are sent to an independent lab to verify cannabinoid content, potency, and purity for further quality testing. These tests also prove the nonexistence of heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins. The lab results are available to view on our website under each product description.

What Effects Can I Expect from Hemp Oil 300mg?

As our lowest potency hemp oil, 300mg is a good option for people sensitive to hemp. Some individuals’ EC systems are more active than others, so naturally, they don’t need as much hemp as others. It’s also ideal for beginners since their bodies are not yet used to the effects of hemp.

Most notably, low-strength hemp oil makes for a great daily supplement. It’s easy to incorporate into any wellness regime, and many users report an improvement in overall wellbeing when adding it to their diet.

That said, everyone responds differently to hemp and is likely to have a unique experience. Therefore, no two people can expect the same 300 mg hemp oil effects. One thing is for certain, though, the quality of the hemp extract itself has a direct impact on the effects. Premium Jane has partnered with some of America’s best hemp farmers to ensure that our hemp oils deliver optimal results.

300mg Hemp Tincture: What Flavors Are There to Choose from?

At Premium Jane, we believe choice is important, especially when it comes to taste. However, quality is our number one priority, and we’re careful not to compromise on quality by making our 300 mg hemp oil taste good. Therefore, we avoid the use of artificial flavoring and opt for natural flavor extracts instead.

There are four flavors on offer: Natural, Mint, Citrus, and Mint Chocolate. The natural oil is completely unflavored and tastes only of natural hemp. It’s earthy and bitter, which is not appealing to many people. Therefore, we added three delicious flavors to our range for those who are looking for a more pleasant and enjoyable hemp experience.

Since we use natural flavor extracts to flavor our oils, you may still get subtle earthy notes stemming from the natural taste of hemp. However, the flavoring does an excellent job of disguising the bitterness and improving the overall taste of our formulations.