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For years there has been a gap in the market when it comes to buying high-quality hemp oils for Australia and its neighbours. It can be challenging to know what qualifies as a reputable brand and a trustworthy hemp oil, and with plenty of options inaccurately marketing their products, the market can get confusing. Read more Read less

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  • Citrus Oil 1000mg
    1000mg Hemp Tincture (Citrus) – 30ml / 40 serves | Premium Jane
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  • Citrus Oil 300mg
    300mg Hemp Tincture (Citrus) Premium Jane – 30ml / 40 serves
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  • Citrus Oil 600mg
    600mg Hemp Tincture (Citrus) – 30ml / 40 serves | Premium Jane
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  • Natural Oil 1000mg
    1000mg Hemp Tincture (Natural) – 30ml / 40 serves | Premium Jane
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  • Natural Oil 300mg
    300 mg Hemp Tincture (Natural Flavour) – 30ml / 40 serves | Premium Jane
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  • premium jane Natural Oil 600mg
    Premium Jane 600 mg Hemp Tincture (Natural) – 30ml / 40 serves
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Why Australians Just Like You Are Racing to Buy Hemp Oil

Although Hemp production is a booming industry in the USA and Europe, opportunities to buy real hemp oil are few and far between in this Great Southern Land. It has left many unlucky punters wondering where can I buy hemp oil near me? This is where Premium Jane comes in. We have had Aussie admirers looking into our products from afar for a while now – but that was where our interactions hit a wall. Now we are excited to take our relationship to the next level. Premium Jane now ships from our distribution centres right to your door in Australia, and the community is loving it!

It is no surprise that the interest in hemp oils has been exponentially rising in the past few years – the results people get from using these products speak for themselves. Many Australians have already claimed that our hemp oils have helped them support regular sleep cycles, support a sense of calm for focus, and support the management of normal, everyday stresses.

Choose Broad-Spectrum Instead of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Sale

If you have been staggering around the corners of the internet desperately searching for quality hemp oils that are not shrouded in deceiving marketing and shady mystery-cure guarantees then you have reached the promised land. Adjust your google search from ‘hemp oil for sale near me’ to ‘Premium Jane hemp oils’ and rest your weary mind. When it comes to hemp oils and tinctures, Premium Jane’s got you covered.

Our dedicated team of experts do not cut any corners when putting together our best-selling hemp oils. The strict processes and guidelines we follow when extracting and gathering the ingredients that we use in our products means we can unquestionably say we have some truly excellent hemp oil for sale.

Using top-of-the-range CO2 extraction equipment and farming from our carefully selected organic and sustainable hemp strains, we make sure every last drop of phytonutrient goodness makes it into our hemp oils. After we have collected and crafted our products, they are then tested and verified by impartial third-party laboratories who record all of the nutritional data of each product. These reports can be accessed by anyone wanting to know more about what they are purchasing and ingesting. We make all of our hemp products broad-spectrum in order to comply with Australian regulations.

When you purchase a bottle of our hemp oil for sale, you are investing in not only wellbeing but also a company that values transparency and the utmost quality of their products.

Can I Buy High-Quality Hemp Oil in Australia?

With the arrival of Premium Jane, it is now easier than ever to buy hemp oil in Australia. Although not without their own unique benefits, customers in Australia have only really had access to hemp seed oils and other non-broad-spectrum hemp products in the past. These products are excellent dietary supplements due to their richness in omega fatty acids but lack the supportive phytonutrients in hemp oil that many seek to gain from in their daily lives. This is due to the difference in extraction processes and the location on the plant the hemp content is extracted from.

Many companies masquerade their hemp seed oils as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum hemp oils, claiming that they are full of the valuable compounds and organic chemicals found in the rest of the hemp plant. This isn’t strictly true; when the oil is extracted from the leaves, stems and flowers of the plant using various methods including CO2 extraction processes and not from cold-pressing the seeds, it contains the useful additional phytonutrients present in broad-spectrum hemp extracts. This misleading marketing ploy allows companies to sell oils for premium prices despite them being extremely low in hemp-rich content.

We noticed this flaw in the hemp space and decided to offer a solution. All of our hemp extract products are tested and verified by third party analytical laboratories, which record and upload the nutritional phytochemical content of these products online for anyone to see. We also ensure our products are only made from hemp oil that has been extracted from hemp-rich plants using proper CO2 extraction procedures, meaning you get the broad-spectrum goodness of the plant. Consumers can now buy hemp oil in Australia with confidence.

Is Hemp Oil Legal in Australia?

There is still mass confusion in Australia when it comes to the legalities surrounding hemp oils. Frequently entered search queries from Australian’s wanting to know ‘is hemp oil legal’ or specifically for where they are purchasing, ‘is hemp oil legal in South Australia’, continue to reinforce these notions of illegality.

Premium Jane wants to clear up this uncertainty within the hemp community. In Australia and many countries within Oceania, full-spectrum hemp oils that contain traces of intoxicating components are still illegal under the illicit drug enforcement laws of their respective countries. The team at Premium Jane knows the importance of obeying laws of the countries we operate within and always follows these restrictions.

That is why our hemp oils are broad-spectrum only and have been verified by third-party analytical laboratories to be 100% non-intoxicating. This means our products have been made with love and care from hemp grown in Kentucky, USA whilst abiding to Australian law so we can get these wonderful products into the hands of many in Australia and beyond.

We understand and respect the need for governments to have these laws in place to protect their citizens – which is why we produce these broad-spectrum hemp products for our loyal Australian and Oceania communities.