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Hemp Oil Benefits — What Is Hemp Oil Really Good for?

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Hemp oil refers to a spectrum of different oils descending from the industrial hemp cultivar, or to oil that comes from the plant’s leaves, flowers, and stalks.

While there is little to no risk from intoxication through consuming hemp oil, many wonder if its benefits are all they’re cracked up to be. This is further intensified by the misinformation spreading online about hemp oil benefits.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what hemp oil is actually good for, and how it can help you lead a healthier life.

It Started You Thinking, What Is Hemp Oil Good for?

Hemp seed oil benefits actually aren’t as few and far in between as some may think. It’s a common myth that you need to be taking oil for years to see progress, however, that is simply not true.

The main benefits of hemp seed oils are:

  • It helps support a sense of calm and focus*
  • It helps efforts to lose weight*
  • It can repair damaged or dry hair*
  • Helps with exercise-induced inflammations*

In this article, we’ll be looking over a variety of hemp benefits, and delving into detail on how it can help you look better and stay healthy!

So, What Are the Hemp Oil Benefits for Skin?

Using hemp oil for skin is a surprisingly great skincare idea. Since the skin is one of our most sensitive and largest organs, it isn’t advisable to put just anything on it. With that being said, studies have shown that hemp oil benefits your skin potentially.

So, what can hemp oil do for your skin?

  • Supports naturally occurring oils in your skin for optimal levels of moisturisation.*
  • It has been shown to potentially help reduce wrinkles by revitalizing and conditioning your skin.*
  • May prevent acne breakouts and pimples by reducing inflammation and keeping your skin moisturized.*

How to Use Hemp Oil on the Skin

Using hemp oil for skin isn’t quite as simple as putting it on top of your skin and hoping for the best. Hemp oils typically aren’t used topically, rather consumed sublingually.

Because of this, many hemp oil companies, Premium Jane included, offer a selection of topical hemp oil skincare products that are specially formulated for topical use. From salves to creams and cleansers, Premium Jane offers a variety of topical hemp oil selections.

To use topical hemp oil products on skin, just apply the formulations to the place you wish to improve.

Dry and Damaged Locks? Here’s How Hemp Oil Benefits Your Hair

While there isn’t a large body of research for hemp seed oil benefits for hair, many believe that it will have similar, if not stronger effects than already well-known oils like coconut oil.

If this is the case, then hemp oil will help by:

  • Stopping your hair from absorbing too much moisture
  • Stopping toxic substances from getting into your hair follicles
  • It’ll prevent your hairs from splitting and breaking by lubricating their shaft
  • It also helps your hair not break by lowering your wet hair’s combing force.
  • Potentially supports moisturisation levels of the skin on your scalp

Because of all this, it’s worth considering hemp oil as a part of your daily shower routine.

How to Use Hemp Oil on Hair

How you should be using hemp oil for hair depends a lot on what kind of product you’re using that contains it. If you’re using pure oil, then simply applying it to your hair after a shower by rubbing it into your hair and scalp is the best way to do so. Although, generally, not many rub hemp oil onto their hair. Nevertheless, if you decide to do so, these oil tinctures can be very potent, and therefore just a few drops can go a long way.

One of the easier ways to apply hemp oil to your hair is by buying a shampoo that includes it. You can also apply hemp oil conditioner to your hair before you shampoo it, as this helps your hair absorb it. In these cases, you should wait 10-20 minutes before you start washing it out.

You can also use a mask that contains hemp oil. Finally, you can heat up oil combined with water, and then rub that mixture into your hair, this helps it maintain a glossy texture for longer.

Hemp Oil Benefits: A Key Player in the Health & Wellness Space

We’ve explored some of the benefits of hemp oil here. Notably, these aren’t even all of the benefits that this substance can provide. We’ve focused mainly on cosmetic benefits for your skin and hair as the medicinal use-cases of hemp oil continue to be studied.

All in all, hemp oil could potentially help you reap a variety of benefits both from a cosmetic and from a health standpoint.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this dive into the world of hemp oil benefits. Finally, you should always remember to exercise proper caution with hemp oil just like you would with any other product. There’s always a chance of side effects, so consulting with a doctor before experimenting is an excellent idea!

*This claim has not been evaluated or tested by the Food and Drug Administration. This product should not be used with the intention to cure, treat or prevent disease.

Rating (3 / 1)
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