What’s the Best Way to Store Hemp Oil for Maximum Shelf Life?

Jeff Yauck | September 2, 2022

Like most natural wellness supplements, hemp oil eventually expires and loses its potency. Typically, the shelf life ranges between one to two years, but a few key factors can affect this timeframe.

Depending on how you store your hemp oil, it could go bad quicker than anticipated. Most people use their hemp oil within twelve months, so there is little risk of it expiring. However, improper storage can affect the concentration or deteriorate the oil’s therapeutic and relaxing active ingredients. If you don’t preserve your hemp oil properly, it will degrade and lose its effects.

The good news is that storing hemp oil to maximize its shelf life isn’t very hard – at all. Simply put, hemp oil should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from heat, light, and humidity.

When Does Hemp Oil Expire?

Hemp oil expires when it loses its potency, primarily due to poor storage conditions or when it surpasses its expiration date. As the formula ages, the hemp compounds break down, and the carrier oil may go rancid. Expired hemp oil tastes bad and isn’t very strong.

It’s impossible to pinpoint the precise shelf life of hemp oil since many factors can affect it. Generally, it has a shelf life of 12 to 18 months, depending on overall quality and storage. But eventually, the product will degrade and expire.

Nonetheless, you still have much control over how long your hemp oil lasts. By buying high-quality hemp oil and properly storing and caring for it, you can help maintain its freshness and maximize its shelf life.

Factors that Affect your Hemp Oil’s Shelf Life

Several factors affect how long hemp oil lasts, starting with growing the hemp plant itself and ending with how you care for and store the product.

Always buy high-quality hemp oil to ensure you start on the right note. High-quality products tend to last longer due to superior growing conditions and the quality of the hemp plants, as well as other ingredients used. The shelf life will be significantly affected depending on the quality of the hemp plant from which the oil is extracted.

Premium Jane is a trusted Australian hemp brand known for providing the market with top-quality hemp oil. Our hemp is sourced from the best American hemp farms and undergoes strict testing to ensure it meets high purity and potency standards.

Once your hands are on a trusted product, you need to be aware of the things that can degrade it and shorten its shelf life. The biggest threats to any hemp product are heat, light, and exposure to air. These are the key factors to consider when storing your hemp oil.

Moreover, the packaging is an important factor. Hemp oil lasts longer in dark and airtight glass bottles, which help block out light and protect it from air exposure.

Tips for Storing your Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is sensitive to light, temperature, and oxygen changes, making proper storage essential to preserving freshness and potency.

Here are some simple tips to help your hemp oil last longer.

Store Your Hemp Oil in a Cool, Dark Place

Light is the biggest degrading factor for hemp oil. Light produces infrared and ultraviolet rays that affect hemp’s compounds. Hemp is photosensitive, so these rays degrade it very quickly, damaging the compounds and rendering the product less effective.

Hemp oil also doesn’t tolerate high temperatures well and loses active ingredients in extreme heat. Therefore, we recommend storing it in a cool, dark spot – like a drawer or cabinet. Avoid shelves or ledges near a window that receives sunlight. Also, be wary of heat sources like radiators, ovens, and stoves. Ideally, your hemp oil should be stored at room temperature (around 60 to 70°F).

Avoid Air Exposure

Keep your hemp oil in its original packaging and close the cap tightly after use to avoid unnecessary air exposure. Air contains molecules (namely, oxygen) that affect hemp and degrade its compounds. Oxygen slowly changes the chemical balance of hemp oil, reducing the product’s effectiveness.

Keep Hemp Oil Away from Moisture and Humidity

Moisture dilutes hemp oil, affecting its potency and effectiveness. Another issue is that water and humidity create mould that can destroy your product and make it unusable. Keeping your oil in its original packaging and ensuring it’s airtight helps keep it free of water and fog and prevents any likely reaction.

Final Thoughts on Storing Hemp Oil for Maximum Shelf Life

The main thing to remember when storing hemp oil is to keep it away from light and extreme temperatures. It’s best stored at room temperature in a cool, dry spot like your pantry or a cabinet. Also, be wary of air exposure since oxygen can degrade the compounds. Keep your hemp oil in its original container and seal it properly after use.

Perhaps, most importantly, buy high-quality hemp oil from a reputable source. Generally, poor-quality hemp oils don’t last as long as they’re made using inferior hemp extracts and subpar additional ingredients.

Premium Jane is committed to crafting premium-quality hemp products. We understand that customers spend a lot of money on hemp formulas and strive to produce the purest and most effective products on the market. See our complete collection of hemp oils here, available in several potencies and flavours.