How to Maximise the Benefits of Hemp Gummies for Everyday Use

Jeff Yauck | September 27, 2022

Hemp gummies are quickly gaining popularity because they’re super easy and convenient to use. Plus, they taste good, so it is enjoyable to get your daily dose of hemp.

Not only are gummies delicious tasting, but they’re also pre-dosed and can be taken anywhere at any time. There is no mess or hassle of measuring out oil or finding a beverage to take a capsule.

This makes gummies especially useful because, for optimal results, hemp should be consumed daily.

Below, we discuss how to maximise the benefits of hemp gummies for everyday use.

Choose High-Quality Hemp Gummies

To get the most out of your hemp gummies, steer clear of subpar products just because they’re more affordable.

Cheap hemp products are mostly of poor quality and ineffective. Plus, they have a higher chance of side effects due to the inferior hemp extract and unhealthy additives.

Premium Jane uses state-of-the-art equipment to craft all our hemp products. Additionally, we use as few additives as possible since the key ingredient is hemp extract.

Here is what to look for in high-quality hemp gummies:

  • Clean Ingredients: Check that ingredients are natural, organic (if possible), and vegan-friendly. No artificial flavouring or colouring should be used. It’s easy to pack hemp gummies with all sorts of unhealthy ingredients.
  • Hemp Source: Premium Jane’s hemp comes from the finest organic farms in the USA. The U.S. has strict rules and regulations regarding hemp growth and testing, ensuring crops are pure, potent, and high-quality.
  • Third-Party Lab Reports: Check for certificates of analysis – third-party lab reports that verify cannabinoid content and potency. The results should also show that the product is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. You can find Premium Jane’s lab reports under the hemp gummies product description.

Combine Health Habits and Hemp Gummies

Although hemp on its own is an excellent addition to your wellness routine, it’s always best when combined with other healthy habits.

For instance, if you’re taking hemp gummies as a general-purpose supplement, a nutritious diet, drinking enough water, and a good night’s rest should also take priority. Leading a generally healthy lifestyle is important because hemp supplements aren’t a magical pill that will undo all your bad habits.

That said, hemp gummies are an excellent way to boost specific nutrients and compounds in the body. Not only can hemp extract replace nutrients missing from your diet, but also enhance the way the body operates and performs.

Versatility Is Key

Often, a combination of hemp supplements works best. Every person is unique and may find that different products work for them at different times of the day. Generally, hemp gummies are excellent to take while out and about. Plus, they add a little fun and flavour to your day.

However, you may need something stronger in the evening. Perhaps you need extra help winding down at night to calm the body and mind before bedtime. In that case, adding our strongest tincture (1000mg) to your routine may be worthwhile.

Our hemp salves are a good addition if you’re looking for general pain relief. While hemp gummies can work inside the body to relax tense or stiff muscles, topicals are applied externally and deliver targeted relief to the affected area.

Think about what you hope to get from hemp supplements and find what works for you. Taking just hemp gummies is often enough, especially if you’re using hemp as a general wellness supplement. However, it may be necessary to use a combination of products for optimal results.

Stick to a Routine

Hemp is a versatile, holistic solution that can support so many different wellness goals. No matter what your reason for using hemp gummies, consistency will elevate the effects.

Once you create a daily habit of incorporating hemp into your daily routine, it becomes a part of your life, much like daily vitamins and other health supplements. You wouldn’t take a multivitamin and expect it to deliver immediate results. Similarly, hemp needs time to build up in your system and, when used consistently, may be a great stepping stone to a healthier YOU.

If you tend to forget to take your supplements (though we doubt you will forget about our delicious hemp gummies), set a daily reminder for yourself. Make sure you remember to take your hemp gummies, whether it’s an alarm or reminder on your phone or a sticky note in your kitchen, at your bedside table, or at your desk. Eventually, you won’t need a reminder, and it will happen effortlessly.

Include Some Fatty Acids in Your Diet

The food you consume along with your hemp supplements may significantly affect how much of the compounds your body absorbs – affecting the product’s efficacy.

Consuming hemp gummies on a full stomach after a high-fat meal can significantly increase the absorption rate. This means that more beneficial compounds make their way into the body, rendering the hemp extract more effective.

When hemp is consumed orally, like in the form of gummies, the extract travels through the digestive tract into the liver. Once in the liver, the compounds are broken down, and the potency of the hemp extract reduces drastically. However, fatty acids can help minimise this occurrence.

Fatty acids act as binding agents for the compounds, ensuring more of the hemp extract makes its way into your system. So, fatty acids can increase absorption rates and maintain hemp potency. Some of the best sources of fatty acids include nuts, avocados, eggs, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and fish.

Final Thoughts

Premium Jane sells some of the tastiest and best quality hemp gummies on the market. Incorporating them into your daily routine is fun, effortless, and can greatly benefit your overall health and wellness.

However, there are a few ways to maximise these benefits, like maintaining a generally healthy lifestyle, incorporating other hemp products into your routine, and including fatty acids in your diet.

Our gummies come in four delicious flavours: original, strawberry, mango berry, and lime. You’re sure to find a solution that suits your taste buds.